Monthly archives: June, 2016

Remember that when you marry someone

Remember that when you marry someone you take on their debt also. That’s what I mean when I say that being married is a little different. Authorized user or not authorized user you will be responsible when married.

Also, remember that some states allow married couple to apply as if they were single. The reason why they do that is because this way the credit account won’t show up on you spouses credit. There are only a few states that have this exception. Most states assume that the credit account belong to both of you if you apply for something alone when you are married. Another example. Owe the government money and see if they only garnish your income tax return. THEY ARE DEFINITELY COMING AFTER THE BOTH OF YOU. Well, we’ll just see what happens. Any married people out there that can attest to this.

Also what I am trying to get across is that marriage makes everything cut and dry authorized user or not. Not married and an authorized user get a little more complicated when it comes to determining who’s legally responsible.