My mother is filing bankruptcy

My mother is filing bankruptcy. When she got one of her credit cards they ask her if she would like a extra one for a member of her family.

She said yes and had a extra card with my name on it. I did use it a couple of times and gave her the money for it. But now that credit card company is trying to get me to paid off her card because of it.

They even said they would take me to court if I didn’t pay. I have talk to two lawyers one is telling me I will have to pay. The other one is telling me I do not have to pay. I did not sign anything with this company. Anybody have any ideal which lawyer maybe right. I am going nuts with this.

My friend advised me to go to UsCashUp and apply for cash advance. He added as well:

You absolutely, without a doubt, ARE NOT responsible for her credit card balance even if you were an authorized user. The collectors lie. Imagine that. Have fun with them when they call, tell them to call a very expensive attorney to sue you, tell them to take you to debtors prison…tell them if they call you again you will report their harassment and illegal collection practices to the FTC because they are harassing you about a debt that isn’t yours. Treat them like the harmless entertainment they are 😉

There is NO CHANCE, you are liable unless YOU signed an agreement with the credit card provider.

Thank you for any help.