Monthly archives: February, 2017

It’s been a while but I remember

I had a client who was listed as an authorized user on his mom’s credit card. (I have a mediation service).. anywho, she had filed bankruptcy and passed away at least 3 years prior to him and his wife coming to me.

Well, at the time they were trying to purchase a home and this debt (I believe it was GE), can’t recall was on his credit report, yet it belonged to his mom & she had filed against them in bankruptcy. Well, come to find out yes, he was responsible..but what saved him from the debt was she put him down as an authorized user 3 months before his 18th birthday and I explained to them that they could not enforce a contract on a minor. That is the only thing that cleared him.

He also had no idea he was listed as an authorized user, never used the credit, etc. So I am not sure that all the advice everyone is giving you is correct. I believe they can pursue you..

I would think even more so if you purchased items and signed off on the receipts. If they can verify your signature (even if you signed your mom’s name) on any purchases & you are an authorized user…you have agreed to owning the debt. I say all of this because it takes me to another client who had problems with the DA’s office and that issue came up with her. But, I don’t think she was responsible for those purchases she did not sign for.