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If you could clarify your post as obviously

If you could clarify your post as obviously the scenario you have presented makes sense.

I would assume there has to be some sort of agreement that was made when the daughter was added to the account. People cannot be just added at random. Often in the legal mumbo jumbo that is explained (or mailed out that nobody ever reads) you find out what the responsibility of the “signer” is. I would bet that it was disclosed that the daughter was responsible but it was not clear and/or she forgot.

You don’t have to actually “sign” to get the card and be held responsible as long as the details were disclosed. Companies are going to disclose and as Jae knows that if they don’t, they get into a lot of legal trouble.

Actually, people CAN just be added “at random”. That’s why they aren’t liable for the charges. Call any of your current credit cards and attempt to add your pet as an authorized user. Just make sure you give them a middle name 😉

The credit card company can come after you

Unfortunately, the credit card company can come after you for the debt even though your mother filed for bankruptcy.

The moment that your mother put your name on as an authorized user you became responsible for the debt.

This is the trick of the credit cards. It is a fall back for them, and it happens more than you would think. Your mother doesn’t have to pay the bill but you do.

Of course you could refuse but then they would ruin your credit as a result. You might want to try to settle with them for a reduced amount of the balance.

A side note, because your mother has defaulted on the debt and filed for bankruptcy this credit card has probably reported this on your credit report, so settling may be your best option to get rid of it.

best of luck.