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I learned the hard way also..

I learned the hard way also..years ago. I figured I would make it difficult to be found. I’ve never used my physical address on anything (nothing..not my bank acct, home phone, utilities, etc.) for at least the last 10yrs. I do not own a home just yet but every time I have rented I rent from private owners who usually will not run a credit report (therefore not leaving a paper trail of last known address), I’ve learned to live paying cash only.

Own both of my cars (very nice ones) outright (Don’t believe in car notes anyway). Never give my phone number on anything (have given cell). As far as work related, yes my employer ran a credit report for themselves but my place of employment never showed up on my credit report, nor did the inquiry. Actually the inquiry came from a private agency who worked for the employer.

Now, I have a public employer which makes it easier to find me, but I’m ready for this…taking care of things in a different way.

But, don’t get me wrong if the debt was large enough they would find me I know. Everyone can be found. I work with skip tracers, etc. But, it would take a lot of effort.

Ignoring creditors

Well, I am starting to believe that ignoring the creditors is better! We a re trying to get a mortgage and so started to clean up our credit and it’s has gotten worse!
There was one judgment on ours that we questioned so I got the attorney’s name and they could not connect it to us. It now shows “satisfied” on our report but another one showed up from 2013! It has NOT been on there before.

Well I called the county to get who to call and now we are getting calls from the other one!

So we have gotten burned by trying to improve our credit – scores have dropped almost 100 pts! And we have been much better paying and haven’t used Consumer Credit in over 4 years.