Collection agency help

About one year ago, i had an account w at and t wireless.. it was a horrible experience. their billing was a joke. they were double and triple charging our account for phone calls. we had a shared plan.. we have been disputing the charging ( 1562.00) with them for a year. the charges belong to a collection agency and we continue to dispute them. now we are on the the second collection agency, they sent me a settlement for half the charges, so that i could pay them about 781 and settle w them.

i got this letter that week, and the offer expires dec 1. they said in their letter that this is a one time special settlement, but the settlement has to be paid be dec 1 ( cutting it a bit close), and in a one time payment.. is this a good idea? should i do it? the only way that i can afford to pay it, if i put it on my credit card…

if they keep switching collection agencies, i will keep disputing the charges and explain to each collection agency all the errors w their billing systems.

please advise me.

thanks a bunch, i look forward to hearing some solutions. happy holidays! 🙂